Is your Investigator up to the Job?

Is your Investigator up to the job?  read on to find out some important questions to ask before you decide…..

Whilst conducting extensive market research into my completion both locally and nationally I have been disappointed with my findings on two fronts:


Typing “local investigator Dorchester” for example on the Internet does not mean you will get a local investigator.  Some of my local competition is certainly not local (300miles) yet they are free to portray this by adding local pictures and facts; cleverly hiding telephone numbers and office locations or using terms such “We have a net work of agents nation wide” Sadly the unsuspecting client falls for this and pays well over the odds for that privilege. Why? Read on to find out.


Some companies (not all) who offer these services must be carefully scrutinized for the following reasons:

1.     How is your personal data being transferred?  (To their network of agents)

2.     Who else is privy to your sensitive information?

3.     Are you really getting value for you hard earned money?

In practice the job is advertised on an agent forum and generally the lowest bidder get the job.

Sadly the industry is not regulated and not everyone will operate to the high standards you would expect.

Here are list of questions I recommend you ask before entrusting an investigator with your confidential information:

Q:        Will you be personally carrying out the investigation? Are you and your investigators/operators qualified?

A:         BTEC Level3 is industry standard in Private Investigation and Surveillance Note: they are two separate skillsets & qualifications. Ask your self would I pay for a plumber to change my boiler if I knew he was not qualified? Ask to see copies of their certificates.

Q:        What safe guards are in place regarding data transfer?

A:         Call us for the answer.

Q:        Will my job be sub contracted out and if it is what safe guard do you have in place to protect my information?

A:         Data Protection Confidentiality Agreement, Ask to see it once completed.


For further information please ask