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Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a leading, experienced Private Investigation & Commercial Surveillance Company working on behalf of legal, commercial and private clients, delivering pragmatic and diligent solutions.

Located in Co Durham and Harrogate North Yorkshire.

We serve the following areas;

Private Investigation Clients – North East England

Legal & Commercial Clients – Nationwide and Internationally.

What we do

Lateo Surveillance Ltd offer a wide range of investigation services to complement its specialist core service, obtaining covert video footage.  Investigating claims validation, such as personal injury, income protection fraud and serious malpractice within the workplace.

Our Investigations

We conduct Private and Commercial investigations specialising in covert surveillance. All our investigations are carried out in accordance with our ethical company policy and the Data Protection Act 2018.  The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a Full member of The Association of British Investigators, the only private investions body endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales.

We have carried out investigations to confirm:

Theft > Fraud > Director & Employee Fraud > Misappropriation of Funds > Gross Misconduct > Serious Breaches of Health & Safety > Absenteeism > Misuse of Company Vehicles & Fuel > Bullying & Harassment > Anti Social Behavior > Personal Injury > Income Protection Fraud > Claims Validation > Fly Tipping > Counterfeit Investigations > Matrimonial Investigations.

Where Are We?

Lateo Surveillance have offices in Durham Belmont Business Park (Just off the A1 & A690) and Harrogate North Yorkshire Oakwood Park Business Centre (just off the A61) near Ripley see our contact page for more details.

If you wish to come and speak with us, please get in touch and we can arrange a FREE, no pressure, consultation.

How we do it


We ensure strict compliance to legislation and an ‘ethical’ code of practice. The private investigation sector is currently unregulated, however we have surpassed current industry standards.

Private Investigator HarrogateLateo Surveillance Ltd is compliant with the following:

Our compliance with the above organisations ensure we only conduct best practice during any investigation. We will not carry out any work that will expose ‘you’ or ‘us’ to prosecution or fines or jeopardise your reputation. Our very first client asked us to carry out covert monitoring in an unethical manner, he was strongly advised against his course of action and was offered another solution, which would have achieved his aim. Unfortunately, he chose not to take our advice and instructed another company who carried out the work; three weeks later he was taken into police custody for questioning.

Our intimate understanding of the DPA means that we know exactly what assessments our commercial clients require in order to comply with your responsibilities as a Data Controller, because we understand the DPA, we will share the responsibility as data controller giving you complete peace of mind.


At every level our methodology is pragmatic and carried out with diligence. We are subject matter experts and can offer advice when required. Our teams are trained, qualified and experienced operators, we know this because Argus Europe Ltd has trained them to an exceptionally high level. We are honest and will provide a professional service. Our equipment and data protection measures exceed current industry standards.

How this benefits you;

We will deliver, what we promise. For example; if you pay for two operators, we guarantee that you will get two professional operators. When we say we start at 6am, we really do start at 6am! When we say you will get the best possible product – you will.  We will not turn up for a task with only an iPhone, we use professional grade equipment and all evidence gathered can be used in court if required.  There have been countless cases where credible evidence has been thrown out or classed as inadmissible because of ‘who and how’ it was obtained. Our operators are of good character and can be used as professional witnesses.


We take our responsibilities seriously and work around the clock to provide you with an excellent service. We want you to come back if required or be happy to recommend us.

How this benefits you;

Once instructed you will have 24hr client support, reports and or video will be presented in a professional manner, ‘securely’.  Your private & confidential information will be safe and managed strictly in accordance with the DPA and Lateo’s robust data security procedures.  Regardless of how you intend to use the information we obtain during the course of an investigation, you can have complete ‘confidence’ that it has been obtained, legally, ethically and presented in an evidential manner.

Our comprehensive Non-Disclosure agreement will give you peace of mind, what you tell us, ‘stays with us’ Guaranteed.

Our data protection compliance agreements and assessments will ensure we ‘all’ stay the right side of the law.

Should you have any questions whatsoever regarding compliance to the Data Protection Act please contact us.

Our Aim

Is to ‘keep you safe’ including the maintenance of ‘your’ reputation, ensuring we ‘all’ stay on the right side of the law and avoid needless fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office. This, we believe, can only be achieved through complete customer confidence.  To achieve this we have adopted a unique three-step approach (CPS) – Compliance | Professionalism | Service


Want to speak to a real person? Please call or text or you can leave a message and we can call you straight back : +44 (0) 797 4659 016

Have a question? please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please contact us via the website contact us page, you can email direct at info@lateosurveillance.co.uk

About Us

The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of The Association of British Investigators – Thanks for visiting our About Us Page.

Rural & Urban Static Surveillance

Lateo Surveillance Ltd provide rural surveillance to an extremely high level

At Lateo we have spent many years within the covert rural surveillance environment operating at the highest levels in some of the most hostile locations on the planet.  Trained to an exceptionally high standard by UK and NATO Special Forces our operators will not let you down, this is due to their drive, determination and will to succeed.

There are many who profess to be rural experts, this is simply not the case, anyone can attend a course military or civilian however this does not make you an expert.  Our operators have undergone many months of high intensity military training and been selected for their unique qualities required to operate within this arduous role.

Lateo have spent many months drawing on our vast military experience and adapting it for the commercial environment this is what sets us apart within the industry.

Attention to detail, meticulous planning, advanced preparation, robustness, police & military grade equipment but most of all flexibility ensures we are able achieve first class results in a safe and unobtrusive manner.

Many have said “anyone can sit in a bush and take a photograph” we agree it is not rocket science or indeed a black art however as we constantly find out not everyone can do it safely, in a timely manner and most importantly without being compromised.

Technical surveillance

Lateo Surveillance provide technical covert surveillance services.

Technical Surveillance can be, used as an effective tool to gather information and can reduce costs considerably.  As technology advances the need to remain current is vital, cameras have become smaller, better quality and much more reliable.  Technical surveillance can in some situations replace an individual and provide 24hrs coverage both day and night.

The worldwide web has revolutionised how we do business not only ensuring a much better service receiving images, video and reports sent to you in super quick time but also the ability to utilise the web to view video in real time from hundreds of miles away or covertly monitor vehicle movement from the comfort of your front room.

Covert CCTV

Covert CCTV Lateo Surveillance LtdWe have used Covert Cameras within the workplace and the rural environment to great effect. Investigating theft and fraud in a passive manner.

We have proven on many occasions there are many individuals, some (trusted staff) to be extremely cunning in their behaviour.

Serious misconduct including theft & fraud within the workplace can take several years to identify, providing there is reasonable suspicion of serious misconduct; covert monitoring of an employee can be justified in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Information Commissioner’s Office States;

‘Employers have a right to protect themselves, their business and its interests’

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 there are clear guidelines to follow. We will guide through the process ensuring all the relevant documentation is complete (correctly) so, you stay the right side of the law.

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Lateo have invested heavily in its technical equipment, with access to cutting edge & state of the art gear, we have the edge!

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