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FAQ Lateo Surveillance

What type of investigation will Lateo Surveillance Ltd conduct?

A. We conduct a wide range of private investigation services. All investigations accepted by Lateo Surveillance Ltd are done so on the strict proviso that the product (in whatever form) will not be used to commit or further any criminal offence or activity.

We have carried out investigations relating to the following;

Theft | Fraud | Serious misconduct within business investigating employees & directors | Financial & misappropriation of funds | Personal injury | Income protection fraud | Asset Investigations | Matrimonial | Covert vehicle tracking | Covert CCTV

How much will the investigation cost?

A. In our experience, each case is very different linked with its own complexities so it is difficult to provide a definitive price guide for all our services however we are confident we can accommodate most budgets.

Private Clients – Please visit our fees page here to see our prices for surveillance.

Commercial Clients – Please note our commercial investigations require an increased level of service and involve considerable pre and post investigation relating to data protection compliance and evidence preparation. Please contact us for prices.

For prices of other services please contact us.

Are there any hidden extras to the cost?

A. Other than any out of pocket expenses, for example parking tickets may need to-be purchased during a course of surveillance, there will be no hidden charges. We will always, where possible provide receipts and you will be charged only at cost, a proposal including terms and conditions will be sent to you prior to the investigation commencing. We are up front and honest from the outset to the conclusion of the investigation, as we believe this is morally and ethically the right way to operate.

Is the Private Investigation industry regulated?

A.  No, unfortunately anyone can set up overnight and advertise as a PI. Great care should be taken when selecting an investigator or company, the biggest risk relates not to money but your sensitive information becoming compromised.  Read our blog Private Investigation – The Facts where you will find out how some parts of the industry really works.

What service should I expect to receive?

A. An excellent service and nothing less!

As a ‘minimum’ you should expect to receive a signed; Contract and Non-disclosure agreement. This will protect you and safeguard your personal information.

Commercial clients should expect to receive a mutual data sharing agreement.

Have access to; Terms & Conditions.

Is the information I give to you confidential?

A. We guarantee your information will remain confidential both throughout the investigation and after it. We are fully compliant members of the Data Protection Act 1998. We have implemented our own strict procedures to ensure your information and data is safe with us.

Who will be conducting the investigation?

A. Unlike many (Not All) investigation companies who in practise are middlemen as most are ill equipped and untrained to leave the office and embark on a surveillance task. We conduct our own investigations, we do not farm your workout via a network of so, called agents. Which means you get the best price, product and your information is safe.

What information do you need?

A. Once instructed you will be forwarded a pre-surveillance data capture form to help us obtain all the relevant information we need to help us conduct the investigation.  As much information as possible will be most beneficial, regarding a typical surveillance task the following will speed up the inquiry:

a. Name, age, description and up to date photograph of the subjects.

b. Addresses including postcodes (If possible) of any locations suspected.

c. Vehicle details including make & model, colour, and vehicle registration numbers if possible.

d. Any other information you feel will help our enquiry such as routines, timings, places you suspect might be, visited for example.

How do I get the information to you?

A. We are very flexible and understand this may be difficult for you, you can come to us for a consultation, or we can meet in person at a location, which suits you or via telephone, email, even skype whichever you are comfortable with.

I am worried you might call me out of the blue?

A. Once we make contact, you tell us how and when you want to be contacted. We will never called out of the blue as we understand this may be difficult for you, we are discreet and would not risk compromising you in any way.

How will you provide me with the information?

A. Again, this is your choice we can arrange a meeting or this can be done via post, email, even skype which ever you are comfortable with.

How do I pay you?

A. You can pay by card via the homepage of our website, bank transfer or cash.  You will always receive an invoice and receipt of payment.

Do you require a deposit?

A. Once a price has been, agreed, you are happy with the terms and conditions, a date finalised for the work to commence we will ask our private clients for an initial deposit of 50%. The remainder to be paid upon completion of the task prior to receiving reports and video footage.

Why should I come to you?

A. We believe, at Lateo Surveillance we provide an honest and professional service so you will be happy to come back or recommend us. We are not middlemen so your information is safe and will remain confidential.

Would you travel overseas to conduct the investigation?

A. Yes, we have travelled overseas on many occasions. Please understand you will be responsible for the cost of any accommodation, travel and any out of pocket expenses. We understand it may be difficult for you to pay on credit cards which may leave a trace so providing we have the funds up front we can take care of these arrangements for you. When working overseas it is very important, we have accurate details regarding the accommodation, flight timings etc.


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