Anti Social Investigation

What is Anti Social Investigation?

Anti Social InvestigationOur Anti Social Investigation tackles Anti Social Behaviour which is defined as behaviour that lacks consideration for others and that may cause damage to society, whether intentionally or through negligence, as opposed to pro-social behaviour, behaviour that helps or benefits society.

We see reports in the media every day of Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) being issued and how the government has come up with yet another strategy to tackle the Anti Social behavioural culture which is unfortunately embedding itself into some of our cities, towns, estates and streets. We understand your life can turn into a living hell, left feeling helpless and let down by everyone who should not only be acting on your behalf to resolve the matter but also tackling the problem at its root cause.

On numerous occasions, we hear of tragic cases linked to Anti Social Behaviour, which were avoidable if only the authorities had been proactive and not only listened but also acted on behalf of the victim.

We understand it takes courage to make that first important step and call the police or local authorities but unfortunately, for many different reasons including; under resourced at times, they can make you feel like a burden or even a nuisance. The local authority Anti Social Investigation process can take months, even years to resolve with little or no support to the victims.

Local Authorities now virtually powerless to help in the fight against Anti Social Behaviour

After a new law introduced and in-effect as of the 1st November 2012 means local councils will be virtually powerless to authorise surveillance operations in the fight against Anti Social Behaviour change in law

How we can help?

Our Anti Social Investigation team can and will help to force the authorities into acting by providing you with hard evidence that the authorities cannot ignore or indeed play down. This evidence is obtained by using very discreet surveillance tactics and or professional grade equipment, once obtained we can assist and advise on the different courses of actions open to you and help to finally resolve your living nightmare and allow you to get on with your life.


We can deploy technical equipment or personnel covertly to gain the evidence you require, allowing you to take the appropriate action you feel necessary. Our equipment produces a high quality product, which will stand up in court and can operated around the clock giving you and us the flexibility needed to catch the perpetrator(s).


This advice given is in an attempt to reach a successful conclusion to your Anti Social Investigation noise problem. Sadly many investigators who will jump in with both feet, take your money and run. We believe not only is this morally wrong but most importantly, their attempts to gather intelligence will not withstand the rigorous and just scrutiny of a courtroom.

The advice we give models that of the environment agency who has vast experience dealing with this problem. We also understand the advice we give may be difficult for you to implement for lots of different reasons including intimidation but please make every effort to follow these steps if you are serious in your attempts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Is the noise really anti social?

There are several things to consider before you decide to take the next step. Please contact us for further details to receive an action plan to assist in your situation.

If you are going to use a private investigator for an Anti Social Investigation, ensure the equipment they use is of a quality, which will stand up in court, do not allow equipment purchased from Ebay or Maplin’s to be used and expect it to be submitted as credible evidence in court. Ensure you tell the investigator of your intentions to go to court; you will need a copy of a calibration certificate and a statement from them to the effect that their company’s equipment is of an evidential standard. At Lateo we go several steps further to ensure the evidence is credible and we have formed several courses of action to assist you in the successful outcome you deserve.

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Anti Social Investigation

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