BlackRapid RS7 DSLR Strap

Why oh why would you be slightly interested in a camera strap such as the BlackRapid RS7? Well, if you have never held,handled or carried a modern digital SLR camera before this may well be a fair comment.

Black Rapid RS7However, for those of you that have ‘lugged’ one of these things around all day this post will most definitely resonate with you! DSLRs are bulky items, especially if they are a full frame professional model or a crop camera fitted with an additional battery grip. Not only are they big, bulky affairs but they are also expensive so the last thing that you want is your pride and joy tumbling towards Terra Firma whilst you stand there open mouthed and about to cringe!

Why the BlackRapid RS7

The strap provided with most premium model cameras is fine, fine that is for most people but we, as surveillance photographers, require something else, something more comfortable, something that allows us to wear our cameras covertly but still with reassurance and something that gives us the flexibility and adaptability to rid ourselves of the strap as required as they do tend to get in the way at the most inappropriate times!  I have found on occasions a good strap can give excellent stability and when the arms become somewhat tired.

Some may suggest getting rid of a strap all together, well that is not for me, not when I may have in excess of 3k hanging from my neck at any one time. I’ll keep a hold of that thanks all the same!


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