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There can be few things more stressful in life than suspecting a partner or spouse is cheating, having an inappropriate relationship or extramarital affair.  You will go through a range of emotions, question yourself, mull over past incidents and ask yourself ‘why me? What have I done?’ You may well become depressed as a result of ‘not knowing’ the truth but if you do not find the truth out it could well have a significant impact on your life and therefore the truth must be found.

Establishing the truth

When you are having relationship issues and suspect cheating all you want is the truth even if the truth hurts. It may be that once a private investigation has been completed that your suspicions are unwarranted and you can get on with your life but if your instincts are proven to be correct then you would look to build an evidential case proving beyond doubt that you are being cheated on. This can help in many ways, most notably in a divorce case where there is a financial settlement looming.

Investigation Quotation

We are a solution focussed business who can provide you with a raft of options that can fit in with complex investigations and also quite simple investigations. We have a variety of options that can fit in with budgets large and small. What we will not do is quote you a platinum solution when all you require is a bronze solution; that would be complete mismanagement on our part. We will assess your task and explain to you why we have come to our recommendations so that you can be comfortable with our assessment. In most cases we like to offer a range of options so that you do not feel that you are being forced down one route or another by us.

Technical Surveillance Harrogate

A cost effective way to start your private investigation can be to employ technical surveillance measures. This low manpower approach is ideal for those clients on a budget and who only have a suspicion of what is going on. If your suspicions are confirmed by technical surveillance it can then be used in conjunction with an element of manned surveillance in order to achieve your desired result. Again, we are mindful of budgets and will always endeavor to supply you with the very best solution so that your budget, large or small can be worked within.

Surveillance reports, photography, video and audio

Evidence gathering is what we do. At no point can we make the subject of an investigation do anything. That would be unethical, immoral and potentially illegal but what we can do is capture events as they unfold in front of us and present it to you in a professional manner so that you can use this evidence in any upcoming matrimonial case.

FREE Surveillance!

Free surveillance? Yes, believe it or not, we are so confident in our professionalism that we are happy to offer 1hr free to anyone that has a surveillance based task in Harrogate and the surrounding area. All you have to do is quote Lateo FREE Surveillance POST 01 to us in your correspondence so we know you have read Cheating Partner Harrogate and you will get 1hr completely FREE when you take out our 5hr package, if you then select another 5hr package we will again offer you an hour FREE on an ongoing basis for the duration of your investigation with each 5 hour package that is taken.

Free Covert Vehicle Tracking!

As well as free surveillance we are offering for a limited time Free Covert Vehicle Tracking, watch out for our latest post!

Lateo Surveillance – why come to us?

Lateo Surveillance Limited carry out professional level surveillance regardless of the task at hand. We use professional equipment, professional, mature, qualified, well-equipped people on all of our tasks. We do not use unknown so-called ‘agents’ or ‘operatives’ we strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure that your personal data is secure with us at all times. Do you want more information on what to look for in a Private Investigator? If so, read this post so that you do not make a mistake.

Want to see how the Private Investigation Industry Really Works?

The private investigation industry is ‘unregulated‘ and many have fallen foul to dishonest and unscrupulous private investigators who exploit those in a vulnerable position.  Read our post Private Investigation The Facts where you will see how websites who state they have a “NETWORK” of agents on your doorstep… may not be the best choice.

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