Civvy Street Three Years

Civvy Street Three Years On, what’s changed, what have I identified and what could help?What’s Changed?Civvy Street Three Years

Surprisingly, not that much as it happens.  Looking back over the last three years I’ve seen many guys come and go with a hardcore nucleolus ‘soldiering on’  Clearly the UK Security Industry is not for everyone regardless of cap badge or background.  The main difference being, in the Services if you were rubbish at a job people would either carry you or you would be posted into another appointment.  Do not expect to be carried by anyone!  If you’re not up to it, you’re out the door!

To my complete frustration and anger there are still numerous training providers (TP) out there blatantly ripping the guys off with poor, completely irrelevant training, zero after course support and false promises of work, the latter is not allowed under the rules of the Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) System… so is taking non-refundable deposits from the guys prior to the course commencing, but happening on a daily basis, also against the rules.  I have contacted Main Building ELC and the CTP, however sadly to no avail…  Unfortunately the victims don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ as quoted by a young Ex Royal Anglian Soldier as he was told by the TP after complaining they had ‘contacts across the industry so keep your mouth shut if you want any chance of work’

Myself and a colleague have written a short book which has been published on Amazon and can be found at the following link ‘The Service Leavers Guide Commercial Security What you need to know’ in an attempt to open the eyes of anyone wishing to enter the Industry.  It has had some great feedback so please spread the word.  Also visit the Service Leavers Guide website where you can get a FREE PDF with advice and tips.

What have I identified & what could help?

Expect to become self-employed within the Security Industry, there are some excellent contracts up for grabs within the UK some paying more than Iraq and Afghan per day!

There are few ‘full time’ i.e. PAYE Surveillance and Close Protection positions available.

CV’s:  Be honest, being an ex Warrant Officer in either Service does not make you an expert manager of men or women, nor does it make you a skilled planner…  Don’t waste your time sending blanket CV’s out to hundreds of companies.  Target your audience, research and understand what they do, how they do it, where they operate, names etc, just as we would plan any form of operational task within the Military.  Then write a covering letter to accompany your CV; this will give you a much better chance of success.

Social Media:  Think hard before you post, I now know several guys who, because of their stupidity and racist views posted on FB will not work for any respectable / reputable security company within the UK again.  Don’t think for a second posting or sharing offensive comments will be ignored.  That includes those working for private security companies who eventually intend to come back to the UK, the industry is very small and screen shots travel fast!

Cap badge / Unit / Service Rivalry:  Being proud of your cap badge is a good thing in my personal opinion but when it becomes an issue on task or online is another.  Some people need to grow up, let go… and let their actions do the talking instead of their mouths or figures.  You just never know who owns a business or importantly who maybe providing financial backing to a project. Once again, screen shots travel fast.

Importantly:  Invest in your own equipment!  If you were working on a building site you would be expected to own a trowel or if you owned a garage you would need to have the tools to fix a car, no tools = no work,  bust.  Far too many guys think they are going to walk into the industry because they were members of a recce platoon or COTAT and get a job.. think again, it just isn’t happening!  Again regardless of cap badge or background if you don’t have the equipment and skills it will be extremely difficult to get the work, bust.

Plan your resettlement with diligence!  One thing is for sure; once you walk out the gates the system will not help you out.  Use every entitlement, more if you can, make the most of it as things are tough out here at times and there is no one to fall back on.

If any of this has helped, then mission achieved.

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