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What is Counter Surveillance?Counter-Survillance-300px

Counter Surveillance is carried out to confirm hostile surveillance is being conducted against you. Not to be confused with ‘Anti Surveillance’ the aim of counter surveillance is to identify the individual or team that has placed you under surveillance, so appropriate action can be taken.

Why use Counter Surveillance?

  • Do you suspect you are been followed or watched?

  • Do you want to confirm you are under surveillance?

  • Does someone know more than they should regarding your whereabouts?

There are many reasons why an individual, business or organisation may be placed under surveillance. The surveillance could be connected to a legitimate legal investigation, business competitors, disgruntled employees, members of the press to criminal activity including stalking with an intention to do you harm.

How Can Lateo Surveillance Help?

Real Benefits

  • Lateo Surveillance can confirm or deny your suspicions.
  • If confirmed we will identify the composition and makeup of the individual or team which has placed you under surveillance.
  • Once identified our counter surveillance team will provide you with video and photographic evidence which can be used in court if required.
  • We will formulate several courses of direct action to consider.
  • Our operators are trained, qualified and experienced commercial surveillance officers.
  • All our operators are trained, qualified and experienced SIA close protection officers, giving peace of mind.
  • Lateo Surveillance can provide a ‘one to one’ Counter & Anti Surveillance training package which will arm you with all the skills you need to become proficient in surveillance detection.

Lateo Surveillance have carried out Counter Surveillance across the country and internationally, identifying hostile surveillance and providing assurance to our clients. Lateo Surveillance use tried and tested standing operating procedures used by government agencies which are discreet and work quickly, giving you the edge.

Professional surveillance teams or the experienced paparazzi freelancer can be extremely difficult to spot and require unique skills to be detected.

For more information, see our Counter Surveillance Case Study here

Counter Surveillance Equipment

Lateo Surveillance use professional grade equipment including high-quality equipment to carry out bug sweeps which include locating hidden cameras and listening devices.  This is a specialised service please call for prices.

Our most successful method of identifying physical surveillance is through a series of tried and tested procedures outsmarting the perpetrators covertly.


Our physical counter surveillance service is normally conducted with two experienced operators, a detailed assessment will be carried out once the circumstances are know.  We will produce a bespoke solution for you to consider, this can be discussed during a completely free, no pressure consultation.

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