Covert Vehicle Tracking

Covert Vehicle Tracking Investigation

Covert Vehicle TrackingCovert Vehicle Tracking involves fitting a small discreet unit, no bigger than a packet of cigarettes covertly onto the vehicle. Once fitted it works on the same principle as a conventional vehicle sat nav locking onto satellites and displaying its position on a screen.

Our covert tracker will cleverly relay the coordinates via the 3G network to our monitoring platform allowing real-time viewing over the internet.


Lateo Surveillance Ltd complies with The Association of British Investigators Good Practice Guide & Policy Use & Deployment of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Electronic Tracking Devices.

NOTE: Global Positioning System (GPS) Electronic Tracking Devices are used as an aid to surveillance.

Why use Covert Vehicle Tracking?

There are numerous reasons why you may wish to covertly track a vehicle:

  • Do you need to ascertain where a vehicle is frequenting?
  • Do you believe someone is not telling the truth as to ‘his or her’ whereabouts?
  • Is someone spending more time at a location they are admitting to?
  • Are your teenage children visiting areas, which you have placed “Out of Bounds”?

Benefits of Covert Vehicle Tracking

Covert Vehicle Tracking can remove the need for stressful confrontation and ascertain not only the true location of a vehicle but also the length of stay at a location to provide you with the necessary proof needed to establish the truth and remove the need for stressful confrontation. Once you have the proof you can make an informed decision.

Is it Legal?

In short the answer is YES. As with all investigations this depends what the information obtained will be used for, data obtained will be regulated by the Data Protection Act 2018. All Private Investigators should be registered as a Data Controller, you can check here

There are other risks such as trespass, harassment, property interference etc, however, a good private investigator will understand all of these elements.

PNGWhat is the Cost?

Covert Vehicle Tracking is an excellent cost-effective aid to surveillance establishing a 24hr pattern of life i.e. determine if a routine or pattern is being set.

See our Fees page. At Lateo our prices won’t be beaten because we don’t and won’t sub contract out to unknown contractors so you can be sure the information you entrust to us is safe.

Why use Lateo Surveillance?

There is a real and genuine risk when using a Private Investigator that your personal information could be compromised. Please note the private investigation industry within the UK is not regulated and many online so called ‘experts’ are not trained, qualified or registered and compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Real Benefits

  • We will not sub contract your investigation on insecure forum groups which is common practice within the private investigation industry. Read Private Investigation The Facts to find out how the industry really works.
  • Conducting our own investigation means you can be sure your private information is safe with us.
  • Our operators are; trained, qualified and experienced.
  • We use professional grade equipment.
  • We sign a Non-Disclosure agreement which means all your private information is 100% safe.


Qualified & Experienced Investigators | Full Members of The Association of British Investigators | Fully Insured | Use Professional Grade Equipment


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