D7000 part 3

Welcome to our D7000 part 3 Those of us that are committed to surveillance, be it training or operating will always continue to evolve our kit and equipment. Surveillance is a tool that Private Investigators use as part of their armoury and good photography skills tied in with suitable equipment can be a force multiplier – no doubt about it.

We do not want to get to technical as it just is not needed but the sensor is one of those pretty techie parts of a DSLR!

SensorD7000 part 3

The D7000 carries a new Nikon developed 16.2MP CMOS sensor which delivers an ISO range of 100 to 6400 ISO with high settings available taking it all the way to 25,600 ISO.This sensor is in conjunction with a more powerful processor first seen in models further down the nikon range can handle the 16.2MP files plus the full HD 1080p video. Video is compressed using the MPEG4 (H.264) codec and the camera can accept an external mic which is great as the supplied one is not that great.

Image quality

Both the video and image quality are excellent but we are not sure that a DSLR for video is going to replace the more traditional methods to gain video footage, certainly not from vehicles but may perhaps find a use in a static OP

High ISO performance

Let me say from the start that the high ISO performance of this camera is awesome. I started comparing it to my old D80 but soon discovered that this new camera is so much better which is great news for Private Investigators due to the difficult  and demanding conditions that we more often than not find ourselves trying to obtain images in.


Image quality is excellent even at what many photographers would consider high ISO – high ISO and their detrimental effect on the image is not as important to us as it is to a landscape or a portrait photographer.

D7000 part 3 Summary

Even though this is supposed to be a regular consumer model, the D7000 offers many features you’d only find on a semi or full professional camera. You get a 100% viewfinder, high frame rates, rugged build, weather sealing (in parts), full manual controls, full HD video, responsive operation, excellent image and video quality and more. The D7000 is an excellent camera for the surveillance student or serious professional who needs a camera that can do lots without weighing or costing the same as a pro model.


  • 100% viewfinder
  • 6 fps continuous shooting
  • Dual card slots
  • Redesigned and much better control layout
  • Very good build quality for its class
  • Manual registration for Non-CPU lenses
  • The ability to affect the focus settings in camera for lens issues

Would like

  • GPS data embedded with the need for an attachment
  • A lock on the card slot door
  • Slightly less sensitive tit

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