Deben 12v 22Ah Battery

The Deben 12v 22Ah battery is one item of equipment that should be in every surveillance operators vehicle. Conducting any form of surveillance whether in the military, private or commercial industry there is one thing that never changes, Power management issues.

Power Management IssueDeben 12v 22Ah Battery

I have been using a 12v 120Ah leisure battery in the back of my observation platform for some time now.  It has never let me down but is large in size, very heavy therefore does increase the fuel bill…

After reading an article regarding fumes given off by the said batteries I thought I’d have a look around and see what else was available.

Deben 12v 22Ah Battery

Along came the Deben 12v 22Ah Battery

Smaller and an awful lot lighter

Only ¼ of the weight of a traditional sealed lead acid batteries. The 12V Lithium Polymer battery pack can easily fit in a jacket pocket, or in your daysack and can power your vehicle radio set whilst in a rural observation post, no problems whatsoever.

Built in Power Gauge

It has a built in gauge which allows you to check the power level remaining in the battery which means you can do away with your battery tester. A touch of the button shows how much energy remains and whether you need to recharge or swap.

Smart Charger

The compact 1.6A Smart Charger will charge your battery quickly or use the 12v charger in between jobs.


115 x 161 x 56mm


Around £200

I ran the Deben 12v 22Ah Battery with two fans (cool) for 9 hrs, one 7inc monitor throughout and a larger fan periodically over a 9hr period and it was still at 75%.

We have connected covert cameras, IR lights and a raft of other gadgets when a traditional leisure battery just would not have been practical.  When used in the rural environment you need to prepare the battery as the elements will affect the power performance.


One important aspect often forgotten during commercial investigations is for a professional investigator to have redundancy. Sorry my battery died and my monitor went down so i missed the target wont wash and it could well be your last job for that client.  My Deben is always used as a backup during any investigation, its got enough power to cover a whole day no problem.

The ability to stick it in my daysack and power my comms on a rural job and then charge it in the car or the travelodge on a night gives it major flexibility.  In a word,  awesome, I’m getting another one!

Visit the Deben Site for a full Specification.

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Deben 12v 22Ah Battery

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