DIY Private Investigation Could Land You In Big Trouble!

Before you decide to carry out your own DIY Private Investigation ‘STOP’ for a moment and read this post! Carrying out a spot of DIY on a Sunday afternoon such as rehanging an ill fitting door or attempting to build the dreaded flat pack wardrobe from Ikea may not land you in trouble with the police but if you started to mess around with the electrics things begin to get very serious, indeed if you’re not careful you could end up breaking the law or worse… fried!

DIY Private Investigation

Once you start to go out of your comfort zone you might want to think about calling in the professionals!  Treat Private Investigation the same as you would electricity and you wont go far wrong!

In a recent case reported by the Mail a man was arrested after he was caught carrying out his own DIY Private Investigation when he decided to fit a covert vehicle tracker to his wife’s car and her suspected lovers vehicle in an attempt to prove they were having an affair.  He was arrested under harassment laws but not charged.  He has been bailed and awaiting further action.

A point worthy of note before you embark on your DIY quest, if it does go wrong it will make an investigator’s job much harder so you could end up paying more!

If you want evidence which can be used in court to support a divorce case you would be advised by a solicitor not to carry out your own DIY Private Investigation but use a professional, legitimate, private investigator.

The only DIY Private Investigation you should spend any time on is finding the right private investigator!  At Lateo Surveillance Ltd we offer a guaranteed price match providing the investigator is a limited company, registered in the UK (And) they are registered on the register of Data Controllers with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Winner!

Why use a Professional Private Investigator?

For many of the same reasons you would not want to mess around with the electrics!  There are rules, regulations and laws associated to private investigation and obtaining personal data.

A good private investigator will in the first instance talk you through the process of what they can and cannot do.

For example…  An individual wanted a Covert Camera placed in their ‘partner’s’ bedroom as they suspected when they went to work the ‘third party’ was visiting.  They had been told (by a friend of course, who know’s everything!) because they own the house they can place a camera wherever they like…

DIY Investigation

A covert camera could of been placed legitimately and provided more than enough evidence to suggest an inappropriate relationship but NOT from inside the bedroom (which they had been informed by a solicitor they were not to enter!) There is something called the Human Rights Act, article 8 of the act affords ‘everyone’ the right to privacy.  After making this very clear the client went elsewhere and was subsequently visited by the police after the camera was found.

There have been some crazy requests… which, could of landed someone is very serious trouble! some listen and take the advice others get on with their own DIY Private Investigation and of course some go elsewhere and use dodgy unregistered investigators… which at the end of the day if they were to attempt to use the information obtained could land them in serious trouble!

Credible Evidence 

If you are serious about your suspicions of infidelity and plan to use the evidence in court then we would strongly suggest you employ a professional private investigator to gather, prepare and present the information or (DATA) which has been obtained in a legal and ethical manner.

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