Our Employee Fraud Investigation team are called to investigate a range of fraudulent activity and acts of serious misconduct such as;  Theft, Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, Serious breaches of Health & Safety and False Personal Injury Claims to name but a few.

Our Employee Fraud Investigations are Saving businesses big money i.e. £41,851.05

Employee Fraud InvestigationEmployee Fraud Investigation

Lateo were recently called in to carry out an Employee Fraud Investigation after an agency driver had a so-called ‘accident’ (in the loosest terms) whilst working for a haulage firm and damaged his cruciate ligament. He claimed he could no longer work, drive and walk unaided, constantly in terrible pain and was psychologically scarred…

Although the accident was somewhat ‘dubious’ the business offered him an extremely generous £5,000 as he was unable to work (which, we discouraged when presented with the ‘so called’ facts) the subject however, went to a solicitor and a compensation claim arrived for £45,000. (Which, the businesses solicitor stated would probably need to be paid)

Working strictly within the rules of the Data Protection Act 1998 using our compliance procedure we placed the individual under surveillance.

Firstly our Employee Fraud Investigation team conducted open source research and identified he was in fact ‘active’

We then placed him under two days of ‘one man’ static observations where we identified the individual was leaving home very early and returning at approximately 1800hrs – The individual was videoed getting into a van and driving, he showed no signs of any discomfort whatsoever.

Cost – 1 operator, two days – £798

We decided after identifying his vehicle to fit a covert vehicle tracker and monitor its movement in order to build a ‘non intrusive’ pattern of life.  This was fitted and the movements of the vehicle was observed for one week.  This allowed us to identify times the vehicle left and arrived at the work location including the route driven.

Cost – Fitting, Monitoring & Removal 7 days – £600

We then carried out a further two days observations with ‘two’ surveillance operators and followed the individual to the work location identified by the covert tracker.  He was subsequently followed in another vehicle (HGV Lorry) to several delivery addresses – The Individual was videoed driving, jumping in and out of the lorry cab, helped unload numerous large metal trolleys, showing no signs of any discomfort whatsoever throughout the period of observations.

Cost – 2 operators two days – £1596

The evidence including tachographs obtained from the other company was subsequently presented in the form of an edited DVD and written report. The individual was called in and interviewed where he stated he would drop the £45,000 claim and was now happy to accept the original £5000 offer (this was politely declined by the company).

Businesses including many insurance companies are now forwarding the evidence to the police who are arresting and prosecuting the fraudsters.

Extra costs to client

Mileage @ 0.45ppm = £4.95

All Raw footage and reports are included in the daily rate however client requested an edited DVD and extra video files @ £150

Total Cost to Client £3,148.95 + vat

Total Saving to Client £41,851.05

Saving businesses big money!

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Employee Fraud Investigation

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