Free Surveillance

Free Surveillancefree surveillance

Lateo Surveillance Ltd are offering ‘Free Surveillance‘ periods for all our Private Clients.

How to claim your Free Surveillance

Simply quote a unique reference from any of our latest News posts when contacting us. Once you have quoted the reference number and booked a minimum 5 hour block of surveillance you will receive 1 hour of free surveillance.  (6 hours for the price of 5)

If you book a further 5 hour period you will again receive an extra 1 hour of free surveillance (12 hours for the price of 10)

No hidden fees, no catches just FREE SURVEILLANCE!

Why would you require actual physical surveillance?

There are a raft of reasons why you would utilise physical surveillance. It may be that you have taken the opportunity to take one of our FREE COVERT TRACKING packages and that your investigation has progressed to the point where you actually need an investigator on the ground observing what is going on and gathering evidence on your behalf. Remember, covert vehicle trackers are excellent at building a picture but they are pretty useless at taking pictures or video so to that degree the man or woman on the ground will never be replaced. Lateo surveillance uses professional, qualified, experienced, well equipped surveillance operators that dovetail well with technology such as covert vehicle trackers.

Professional Surveillance 

Foot and mobile surveillance should only be carried out by professionals. There is no room here for former debt collectors in this professional arena, we’ve seen this first hand. Debt collectors collect debt, professional surveillance operators get the money shot and generally the two are quite some distance apart. You would not hire a debt collector to build you a house, so do not use one on your extremely demanding private investigation. Lateo Surveillance has a wealth of experience in their ranks, people with a huge amount of time in the business, people with specialist backgrounds working at the highest levels for HMG. We do not skimp on anything, you get the same service as a member of the public that any of our commercial clients would get. We offer a personal yet highly professional service; we are extremely confident that you will not be disappointed by our servcie. Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will get the result that you hope for, we can guarantee that if it happens we will be there to capture it for you to help build your case.


Why would Lateo Surveillance be offering FREE SURVEILLANCE? Why do this? We firmly believe in giving back to our clients, large or small and feel that offering you something for nothing is one way of showing our commitment to you. Lateo Surveillance thrives on repeat business and developing a close relationship with our clients is one way of doing this is. Another way to help us ensure that we get your repeat business is by instilling confidence in our abilities; that is our aim. Our gift back to you is something for nothing. FREE Surveillance.

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Free Surveillance

The Principal Investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a Full member of The Association of British Investigators the only private investigation body endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales.



Lateo have invested heavily in its technical equipment, with access to cutting edge & state of the art gear, we have the edge!

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