How To Catch A Cheating Husband In Harrogate

Do you suspect your partner is cheating? Having an affair? Possibly an inappropriate relationship? Infidelity is an age old problem and one which no doubt will continue for many years to come.How To Catch A Cheating Husband In Harrogate?  Read on to see how our client spotted the warning signs!

The RealitiesHow To Catch A Cheating Husband In Harrogate

At Lateo Surveillance Ltd we have carried out countless matrimonial investigations, confirming many suspicions were correct, (however) you may be pleased to know we have also confirmed some were not having an affair but working, visiting family members and visiting the gym.

Do you need Proof?

In a recent case a client, called Sue from Harrogate contacted us after she suspected her husband was cheating over a period of years.  Sue had confronted him on many occasions and every time he managed to convince her she was wrong (and) it was her with the problem.  She said this was driving her insane and making her question her own sanity.  Sue wanted proof she was not going mad and the tell tail signs (only women) can pick up, were correct.

Sue suspected her husband was cheating after work (or) when he was away on business which happened two or three times a month.  She had no idea who the ‘other woman‘ was or where they were from but suspected they had met at work or on the internet.

Warning Signs

Many warning signs were identified such as; Sue noticed her husband was working more hours but not receiving extra pay.  She questioned why hotel bills had appeared on the bank statements and was fobbed off with excuses that the work credit card kept failing (BUT) never reimbursed.  He started having the odd day/night out in Harrogate with his work colleagues but was spotted by her friend walking along the stray (the other side of town!).

One of the main reasons she initially became suspicious was after she became aware he was taking much more pride in his appearance, something he had not done for a long time.  New aftershave(s), hair style, new clothes were appearing in the wardrobe and even new boxer shorts which she had always purchased, all completely out of character.

DIY Private Investigation

Sue had attempted to carry out her own surveillance and follow her husband to work but realised very quickly it’s a lot harder than it looks on TV.  Sue’s husband spotted her less than 500 meters from home and called to ask why she was following him to work…

A word of warning for the DIY enthusiast! we are often asked to conduct investigations where the DIY enthusiast or an online private investigation amateur has completely messed it up.  This makes our job harder when the subject knows ‘someone’ is following or watching them!

Why use a Professional?

Sue contacted Lateo Surveillance Ltd firstly because we were local and importantly for her, able to meet in person.  We are located in Harrogate so we met in town during Sues lunch break for a coffee and chat.  Firstly, we introduced ourselves and presented a signed nondisclosure agreement to give Sue the confidence what she spoke about would stay strictly between us (providing, of course, we weren’t breaking the law!)  She explained the background and why she suspected her husband was having an affair.  From experience we were able to offer Sue several courses of action which she had not considered, involving covert vehicle tracking, technical and physical surveillance. Sue wanted us to get on with it straight away (BUT) we asked her to take a moment and have a think about what her long term plan was and what she wanted to do (IF) her suspicions were proved to be correct.

Sue decided to go ahead and we presented her with a contract which detailed amongst other things how we do business, links to our Matrimonial Investigation and Private Investigator Harrogate pages for reference to our company code of ethics, insurance and our professional membership to the only private investigation body endorsed by the Law society of England and Wales.

The Surveillance Investigation

We conducted our initial open source research which gave us clues to his extracurricular activities and identified him in several photos at different locations with the same female.  Our technical surveillance plan was implemented and within two weeks we had built a pattern of life identifying where he was visiting, times and durations of stay at those locations.  Once we were in a position to confirm these locations our surveillance team was tasked to obtain covert photography of the husband entering and leaving the location and anyone he was with.  Our team obtained photographs and video of the husband and the female we had identified in the initial open source research arriving together and him leaving on his own.


We presented Sue with the information who passed it to her solicitor.  They suggested we attempt to obtain more proof of them together in order to provide a stronger case.  We suggested waiting until he had a night out planned where we would follow him on foot and observe his activities.  As suspected after meeting with his work colleagues he quickly sloped off and was seen walking into a well know restaurant in the center of Harrogate where they were observed and videoed holding hands and caressing each other.

Sue subsequently informed us when we asked her permission to highlight her case that even when presented with photographic, video and written evidence her husband still denied it! she also said if she hadn’t had the proof in front of her she would of believed him…

All our evidence obtained was able to be used in court because it was obtained ethically using lawful means and evidential grade equipment.

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