Lawmate PV IP45 IPhone Battery Camera

The Lawmate PV IP45 IPhone Battery Camera case has yet again surpassed all others in terms of video quality and ease of use. The outer case shell simply slots onto an iPhone 4 or 5 (with an add on mount) and you have a fully functioning IPhone with a high quality covert video recorder attached.

This is the third review carried out on Lawmate Products sold by DogCam Sport who’s customer service is always excellent.

Previous reviews have included the RC 200 Keyfob camera and the PV900 HD Spy phone.

Lawmate PV IP45Introduction

We have been using this product for the last 12 months on many covert surveillance tasks and had some incredible results. The Lawmate PV IP45 comes into its own when placed stationary on a table, bar, or vehicle dashboard producing nothing short of outstanding results.

If used whilst moving on foot or from a vehicle the quality will depend on how steady it is held.


3.3 Lux – The camera copes well with changes in light and fast to respond.

Battery Life – The spec sheet states 130 minutes however on average we have a had approximately 2 ½ hours.

Micro SD up to 16gb – More than enough, the battery will die before the card is full.

File Format is AVI – Popular container that can easily be converted for Mac users

67 degree field of view – Provides a wide enough arc to capture any action in front of you.  Practice makes perfect and you should be testing it before you deploy.

Ease of Use – Once charged and fitted to the IPhone it is simply a case sliding the button and you’re recording. Personally I always follow up with a quick press of the button to do a visual check of power via a the series of small blue lights and confirm it is recording via a red LED.


Another excellent product from Lawmate, very discreet, simple to use with outstanding quality footage.

Our next blog will be setting the Data Time Stamp on the Lawmate PV IP45 

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Lawmate PV IP45

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