Lawmate PVR RC200HDW Firmware Update

The LAWMATE PVR RC200HDW is an excellent addition to any surveillance or private investigators tool bag.

At Lateo Surveillance Ltd we have tested many Lawmate products, this Key Fob has the ability to obtain breathtaking quality video and great audio, covertly. Unfortunately, the power button is far too sensitive.  On many occasions, I have accidentally turned it on due to the sensitivity of the power button, wasting valuable recording time.

The firmware update has resolved the issue so the power-on key needs to be pressed for 3-4 seconds before the unit will turn on.

Note: Start-Stop recording is still very sensitive however it won’t be accidentally turned on in your pocket on route to the job!

To apply the firmware update please follow these simple steps:

1. Save FWWR200F.bin to a formatted Micro SD card
2. Insert the SD card back into the RC200HDW key fob
3. Press the power key on the DVR and you will see the blue LED flashing. After a few seconds, the blue light will strobe and then the DVR will turn off. The firmware upgrade procedure is now finished.

Important: Please remember to delete the firmware file in the SD card after upgrading successfully.

You can download the firmware HERE 

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