This post is written to inform private clients wishing to use a North East Private Investigator, the process and services offered by Lateo Surveillance Ltd.

North East Private InvestigatorLateo Surveillance is located in Co Durham and Harrogate North Yorkshire.

We offer a wide range of professional, private investigation services and are geographically well place to react quickly throughout the North East should the need arise.

Our North East Private Investigator service operates nationwide for legal and commercial clients.

Before instructing a Private Investigator read this post Private Investigation – The Facts where you will be shocked at how some companies handle your private and confidential information.

How it works

Making Contact:

You can contact us through the website: @ email: or via phone contact (Mark) +44 (0) 797 4659 016 or (Nick) +44 (0) 759 5021 683

If establishing contact is difficult for any reason whatsoever, send us a text or email and we can call you at a convenient time that suits you. Note: We will NEVER call you out of the blue. Alternatively, you may wish to meet at a convenient location for a coffee and chat to discuss your requirement. Let us know where and when is convenient, we will arrange it or indeed you may wish to visit us.

What to expect on our initial meeting:

North East Private InvestigatorMeeting in person – Being a North East Private Investigator we are able to meet in person anywhere within the North East. We will identify ourselves, present and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we discuss your case. Providing you do not wish us to commit or further any illegal activity (knowingly) you can have complete confidence, your personal information is safe with us.

We will discuss your requirements; in order to establish your clear aim i.e. ‘Identify if my partner drives straight to work and returns without stopping on route’ or ‘Identify and photograph who my business partner meets’.

You will be presented with options to consider and prices which, specific to surveillance can be found on our fees page.  We will take as much information as we need to conduct the proposed investigation via our per-surveillance/investigation form. You may want to bring any up to date information that may assist us such as photographs, addresses or vehicle details such as a vehicle registration number, make & model.

North East Private InvestigatorTelephone Contact – As discussed above we will identify the aim of the investigation. You will be forward a signed Non-disclosure Agreement and if required a per-surveillance/investigation form to complete, if we feel this is needed. At this stage you are free to think about the options we present and cost, you certainly won’t be placed under any pressure whatsoever to make a decision on the spot.

Before we carry out the agreed works


Payments can be made via our homepage using a debit or credit card. We accept; bank transfers, PayPal or cash, receipts will always be presented. Payments will appear as ‘Lateo Services’

Deposit – Private clients are required to pay prior to work commencing.

Cancellation – Deposits are fully refundable up to 48hrs prior to the arranged works commencing. After 48hrs the deposit becomes non-refundable however if cancellation is not less than 24hrs the deposit may be used against other works to be conducted (strictly) within 4 weeks. Cancellation less than 24hrs the deposit is non-refundable and cannot be used for any other works.

Post Investigation

Once the investigation is complete, payment settled and you have received all the information obtained during the course of the investigation via an agreed method of transfer; we will send a destruction certificate.

North East Private Investigator Services Include:

Our matrimonial investigations normally involve physical surveillance but have included technical surveillance, including covert vehicle tracking and financial checks.

We have identified;

Infidelity (male and female)

Confirmed residency.

Anti-Social Investigations

We have fitted covert cameras to confirm anti-social behavior, bullying, and harassment.

  • Business Related Investigations

We have conducted investigations for businesses; for example, investigating serious misconduct including; director & employee fraud, theft, absenteeism, locating debtors. Our methods have involved using physical and technical surveillance such as covert vehicle tracking and covert monitoring.  See our post on Commercial Surveillance

Important Note Business Owners;

Business owners are bound by the Data Protection Act 1998, there are more controls involved and assessment to be completed by law.

Business owners should see our commercial investigation page here and read the following post; commercial surveillance in business, Can I monitor my Staff?


Want to speak to a real person? Please call or text or you can leave a message and we can call you straight back : +44 (0) 797 4659 016 / +44 (0) 759 5021 683

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The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of The Association of British Investigators endorsed by the Law Society of England & Wales.

The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of the Association of British Investigators.  Thank’s for reading our post North East Private Investigator.