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Our Technology provides Us with The Edgeour technology

Our Technology provides genuine, evidential grade video footage in virtually any format you require. You will receive the imagery or video in the best possible quality. Lateo Surveillance Ltd has invested in the latest equipment and an array of technical devices to complement its surveillance capability.

Government approved data encryption

Lateo Surveillance is currently the only user within the private investigation sector of a unique government approved AES 256 bit encryption system protecting its laptops and storage devices.

Real Benefits – Your personal information is safe with us.


We use one of the fastest cameras commercially available and the best quality range of camera lenses on the market.

Photography can be viewed as less intrusive than video, in some ‘sensitive’ investigations where there is a high risk of intrusion only ‘still image’ photographs maybe stipulated by the legal profession.

Real Benefits – Lateo are experienced photographers and can push the camera system to its limits in order to obtain an image. If the situation presents an opportunity, we will get the shot.


We have invested heavily in our own professional video editing suite, this means we do not ‘outsource’ your sensitive information enhancing our data security and a rapid turnaround. Where possible all video will be framed correctly, always date & time stamped.

Understanding video ensures you will receive the most appropriate format so that you can view the product on whichever device you request at an evidential standard.

Real Benefits – Because we don’t ‘outsource’ your data to video editing companies this increases data security and our costs are lower.  For all our videos please see our Private Investigator Video page

Technical Surveillance

Lateo uses cutting-edge covert cameras and technical surveillance equipment to offer short and long-term observation options. Using the most up to date equipment available commercially, coupled with experienced operators we can provide innovative solutions to many of your problems other investigators would not, be able to offer.

We can also offer remotely viewed video footage, which can be, viewed on a computer or laptop.

Real Benefits – Technical Surveillance employed correctly can save money providing 24 hrs coverage of a subject location.

Covert Audio Recording DevicesCovert Audio Lateo Surveillance Ltd

Our covert audio recording devices are so advanced that they are currently in use by security services and other covert agencies across the globe.  It has been designed and built with ‘audio quality’ and ‘security’ at its core.

Our equipment offers internal timers, external triggers or voice activation allowing the ultimate flexibility for the task in hand.

The covert audio recorders are low power and have a high recording capacity, using high-quality custom built covert microphones to capture every detail.  Extremely small in size and can be concealed in the most difficult environments.

The device has a sophisticated internal security system ensuring complete peace of mind. Boasting high-end government-grade encryption, (secure hash algorithm certificate) to accompany each recording, guaranteeing evidential integrity and peace of mind if legal proceedings are likely.

Real Benefits – Obtaining high-quality audio recordings are crucial, poor quality audio will need to be edited and enhanced questioning its evidential integrity (And) increasing the cost ‘significantly’.

Night Vision

Our Technology includes investing in the highest quality night vision, which can be, attached to a DSLR camera and high definition digital video cameras gives Lateo the edge within the commercial sector when it comes to providing an unrivalled product and service.

Currently, commercial surveillance, which requires video evidence, ceases when it becomes dark. This is due to the fact standard commercially available video cameras are not suitable for night time recording, even with so-called ‘night shot’ which does not work from inside a vehicle.

Real Benefits – We can provide you with video footage around the clock.

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The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a Full member of The Association of British Investigators endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales




Lateo have invested heavily in its technical equipment, with access to cutting edge & state of the art gear, we have the edge!

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