Personal Injury Fraud Case Study

Personal Injury Fraud is on the rise as more companies encourage the ‘claim culture’ with the offer of free IPads and cash incentives. Some individuals have been encouraged to ‘over exaggerate’ genuine injuries with the promise of larger payouts, amongst those responsible have been Doctors and Solicitors.  The government has finally stepped in and is now tackling the problem head on.

Case Study 01Personal Injury Fraud

Note: All Investigations conducted by Lateo Surveillance Ltd are carried out strictly in accordance with UK Law and the Data Protection Act 1998. Names, places, and tactics used in case studies will not be identified.

Terms: The claimant (person claiming personal injury) will be referred to as the ‘subject’

Background to Claim

The subject claimed after sustaining what appeared to be genuine back injury at work they were unable to walk unaided, required a minimum of one walking stick but used two in most cases. Furthermore, could only walk ‘assisted’ for very short periods but suffered ‘terribly’ the next day. The subject also claimed they could not drive.

Reason for Investigation

The subject of our investigation was identified after the employer had received information from a reliable source, which stated the subject had been seen at a gym spinning class.

Personal Injury Fraud Investigation

The initial phase of the investigation involved completing the relevant assessments in order to confirm compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Pre–Surveillance Investigation

(Phase 1)

The subject was identified during the pre-surveillance as active and a decision was made to deploy physical surveillance.

The Surveillance Investigation

(Phase 2)

Day 1 – One personal Injury fraud investigator was deployed to an area of interest identified during the per-surveillance in order to carry out static observations, logging and reporting any activity of interest.

Day 2 – The subject was identified and videoed walking approximately 20 meters ‘unaided’ towards a vehicle. Observed into the vehicle and drove away.

Day 3 – A three-person investigation team was deployed to follow the subject. The subject was observed walking ‘unaided’ and into a vehicle where they proceeded to dive. The subject was followed to a supermarket and completed a large shop. The subject was observed and videoed loading the trolley and then their vehicle with the shopping. The subject was later observed and videoed driving towards the spinning class. Covert video footage was obtained showing the subject completing a 30-minute workout.

Day 4 – One investigator was deployed in order to assess levels of mobility after the spinning workout. The subject was observed walking ‘unaided’ showing no signs of any discomfort whatsoever.

One further day of surveillance the following week was carried out by one operator in order to confirm no change in the levels of mobility. The subject was identified and videoed walking ‘unaided’ showing no signs of any discomfort whatsoever.

Post Surveillance Investigation

(Phase 3)

All evidence obtained was collated; reports compiled, and raw video evidence was logged and recorded. The clients requested and edited video showing the subject’s movements throughout the period of observations. The edited video was produced within 12 hours of the surveillance ceasing and evidence pack was presented within 48hrs.


The employer chose to deal with this matter internally, however, in many of our recent cases evidence has been passed from insurance companies and employers directly to the police who have charged the perpetrators resulting in prosecutions.

Who is Lateo Surveillance Ltd?

Lateo Surveillance Ltd is an experienced Private Investigation & Commercial Surveillance Company, which specialises in Personal Injury Fraud Investigation. Working for Insurance companies and employers, our investigations identify fraud committed by individuals from all social backgrounds.

How can Lateo Surveillance Help?

Lateo Surveillance can provide;

  • Evidential grade video footage which can be used in court
  • Written reports relating to Personal Injury Fraud
  • Data Protection compliant investigations
  • Ethical investigations and strictly within the rule of Law

Our Personal Injury Fraud Investigations are compliant with the following;

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • The Association of British Insures
  • The Association of British Investigators (Full Member)
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Human Rights Act 1998


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Personal Injury Fraud Investigation

The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of The Association of British Investigators endorsed by the Law Society of England & Wales.  Thank’s for reading our post – Personal Injury Fraud.