Private Investigator Diary Week One

Private Investigator Diary Week OneThe week started off with several phone calls to our private investigator Durham office from a long standing client requiring personal injury investigation surveillance to be carried out in three separate locations across the UK. Along with several background checks for a local solicitor and a one day rural CROP surveillance to be completed our private investigator diary week one began to fill up!

Our surveillance ops management team immediately went to work conducting open source research on the personal injury subjects confirming the information we had received was correct. The open source information gathering is a crucial part of all of our work and something that we do for each and every investigation.  Using our tracing system we were able to confirm that the information we had been given was correct but we were also able to identify additional information that would prove useful to our private investigators whilst on task.

Once a comprehensive brief sheet had been produced; our private investigators were briefed, hotels booked and equipment checked the investigators deployed.  This left our Rural CROP’s expert to get his ‘green kit’ off the shelf and get busy with his sniper tape and spray cans!

Private Investigation ‘Surveillance’ Team 1

Team 1 headed sunny south to the M4 corridor.

TASK – Subject A claims serious physical disabilities after an accident at work meaning that they can no longer carry out their job or conduct a normal life as they used to.

MISSION – Identify the true levels of mobility of subject A to confirm that they are as described by the subject.

The team carried out a detailed reconnaissance of the local area before deploying in earnest.  During the two-day surveillance evidence was gathered that suggested Subject A was, in fact, suffering little or no debilitating effects as a result of his accident at work.  He was, in fact, showing that he was fully mobile in all aspects and continuing on with normal life.

Private Investigation ‘Surveillance’ Team 2

Team 2 headed north to Scotland.

TASK – Subject B claims they are unable to leave their home after sustaining a crush injury at work to a lower limb.

MISSION – Identify the true levels of mobility of subject B

Some may call it luck, we call it professional, dedication and over delivering to our clients. Conducting investigative assignments is not a case of just rolling up to the area of the home address and ‘seeing how it goes’. This is not a 9-5 type of job and as a result, this assignment was conducted before, during and after the ‘normal’ lifestyle hours…whatever they may be?! As a result, we were able to provide our client with evidence that subject B was living a life in complete contradiction to statements taken during the in-house investigation process.  Subject B was, in fact, able to return to work shortly afterwards which is a win/win for everyone. Subject B continues on with his job, our clients do not have to look for a replacement and we sign off on another successful assignment.

Private Investigation ‘Surveillance’ Team 3

Team 3 had the shortest trip south, down on the A1 corridor. Their investigation was to revisit and follow up on a previous assignment that they carried out several weeks prior.

TASK – Subject C was to be observed at an appointment.

MISSION –  Observe subject C before during and after the appointment in order to confirm true levels of mobility.

Subject C was initially observed going about his daily business showing no signs of physical discomfort.  Soon after, subject C was observed in severe discomfort, having to utilise walking aids and the help of a 3rd party to enable him to get in a private hire vehicle paid for by the employer so that he could driven to the appointment. Post appointment the subject was observed visiting the local shops walking unaided.

All of the evidence obtained was immediately forwarded to the ops manager upon completion of their respective tasks via our secure data transfer system and evidenced. Reports were produced and video edited as per the client’s instructions, our findings hit their inbox within hours of the tasks ending.

Tracing & Background Checks

Several traces were carried out for a local solicitor, one trace provided a negative result, however, two were successful; one may lead to a short surveillance task next week to confirm residency.

Rural CROP Surveillance

Diary Week One Lateo Surveillance have some of the most highly trained Rural CROPs personnel in the world, selected from across all three services of the Military for their tenacity and professionalism during a robust, arduous and task specific process.  Our rural team have operated in some of the most high pressure and dangerous locations on the planet. Our operators have carried out joint operations with national police forces and government organisations, this gives us the edge, ensuring every task is carried out with absolute professionalism.

So… a one-day Rural CROPs task on the A1 corridor should seem like a walk in the park to these highly trained ex-military guys!? Unfortunately, in the commercial world we don’t have police helicopters on call or fast jets for that matter! So, when you have two angry looking 20 stone meat heads wondering VERY close to your covert observation post that is when the months of high-intensity training pay off.  Our team were able to obtain some excellent video footage of individuals who had been suspected of dumping industrial waste and had returned to recce their next dumping site.

All in all a busy week for our private investigation team from ops to administration, everyone is pushed to over deliver and provide a first class service; on time, every time!

Thanks for reading our Diary Week One,  Stand by… more to follow!

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