Private Investigator Diary Week Three

Thanks for visiting our Private Investigator Diary Week Three.  We have been asked several questions regarding the best approach to private investigation and also advice regarding commercial clients so lets get straight into it as it has been a very busy week, again!

Private Investigator Diary Week ThreeTo become a successful Private Investigator we believe you should have a flexible and adaptable approach to your work and this has various meanings.  If you are ‘rigid’ in your approach you will soon hit a brick wall and business will grind to a halt. It is highly likely that you will be running and/or planning several investigations simultaneously, some of those that you plan will be followed through to fruition, others will not.

Commercial Clients, Private Clients or Both?

You may wish to work only with commercial clients but turning away private clients could prove to be an extremely bad decision. Not only can private investigations provide much needed additional income in the short term, you may well find that by doing a good job for a private client that it will unlock the doors to well placed people in the commercial environment; this has been the case for us during our week three diary.


Private Investigator Diary Week ThreeA single male calls our Private Investigator Durham office and explains to us his very personal situation, a situation that required a delicate approach. Whilst we cannot go into details it is fair to say that this gentleman was in need of some ‘good’ advice and then an excellent follow up investigation service. Giving this gentleman the wrong advice could be catastrophic for him and potentially have us answering question to the authorities about our actions in his case. This client was spending a good amount of money with us, people seem to have the opinion that private investigations do not pay well but this is just not the case. Thankfully the job went very well for all concerned and the bonus for us at the end of the task was that our private client was a well connected businessman who has been able to put us in touch with some colleagues of his who have the need for our professional investigation services.

Multiple Investigations Private Investigator Diary Week Three

At the same time that we were helping out our private client we were also deployed on the preliminary periods of two other investigations that will come online over the coming weeks. Just a few days later we (as a team of 4) deployed south to complete two investigation tasks in the same area. Task one was an all day physical surveillance investigation, task two a technical covert camera task – both of these tasks were for long standing commercial clients, both tasks are ongoing and so far both tasks have been ‘successful’ but very challenging at the same time.

Post Investigation Service

All of the investigations that we conduct have a large amount of post-operation administration that must be carried out in order to bring the investigation to an end. This work that must be done in order to fulfill your duties to your client. Post operation can mean different things in different investigations; on occasion it may be carried out at the end of each day as well as at the end of the investigation and sometimes it may only be done at the conclusion of the task. Once it has been completed, and this can be an erroneous task, we can then close down the investigation knowing that we have done all that we can for our client. This is an area that we feel that we are extremely strong in and very committed; the feedback that we get from our clients shows us that they feel the same. We are not saying that other Private Investigators do not do it but we are convinced that we approach it with far more gusto than most.

That’s it for our Diary Week Three – please feel free to get in touch via the website if you have any questions or comments. Until next time; Standby standby…



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Private investigator diary week three

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