Private Investigator Diary Week Two

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Private Investigator Diary Week TwoAs you will appreciate if you have read our Private Investigator Diary Week One blog we had a ferociously busy week but not all weeks are like that, they cannot be or your business would never move forward.
Not only that but cancellations and postponements happen due to a whole host of reasons so on some occasions you end up with some days where you are able to concentrate on other matters.  On this occasion we have been able to get into the office, sit down and plan some future private and commercial investigation tasks in advance.

Diary Week Two – In Outline

So, week two has been one of communication with clients regarding up and coming tasks. Quotes and plans need to be submitted for approval and sometimes re-submitted once or more if we are working on a task that requires RIPA approval for example.

There is always a raft of jobs that required our attention, especially when you have just finished a week like we have. We’ll always be doing something, maybe emailing clients to inform them that we will be fulfilling our data protection liabilities with regards to their investigation, this could be providing them with a destruction certificate for example or chasing invoices which may be overdue.

The Fastballs 

Despite this being an ‘administration’ week we have been hit with fastballs. Get used to it, they are part and parcel of the business and you will get a good proportion of your work from them. You will cement good relationships because of your ability to respond and respond quickly and effectively.

Private Investigator Diary Week Two_Fastballs

Fastball 1: Can you supply 3 Close Protection Officers for a black tie event?

Fastball 2: London Surveillance. Can you supply, fit and provide initial observations for a period of one week?

Fastball 3: Local Private Investigation Surveillance Durham.  Confirm an individual is where they say they are, at a specific time.

Fastball 1 was us facilitating for a client, everyone wins when you do this; you do not always have to take a fee to be a winner and nor should you.

Fastball 2 will lead to quite a big team job, this is just phase one of an investigation that has been done by us before but now requires a more determined effort.Diary Week Two Private Investigator Durham

Fastball 3 was an all too common ‘call for help’. We received a call at our private investigator Durham office from a local private client who needed confirmation based on a trust issue.  This was initially planned using manned static surveillance over a short period of two days.  Our private investigator was able to achieve this but only due to their local knowledge of Durham.  When the subject did not arrive at the given time and location our investigator was able to think on their feet and check a location close by where they identified the subject.  Had they not known the local area our client would of received some pretty devastating news; incorrectly! Yes, they had got the location wrong but sometimes this happens and from experience we were able to think ahead!

Kit Procurement

Dairy Week TwoWe love our surveillance investigation ‘geek kit’ and are lucky enough to have some excellent contacts within this environment at good levels. To that end we often find ourselves in a position of ‘first refusal’ on some really awesome surveillance equipment and fantastic prices! A later blog on some specialist counter surveillance equipment to follow!

Our private investigator diary week two has been a short one and at times a relatively quiet week catching up on all important administration is vital to running a successful business.




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