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Private Investigator Harrogate InvestigationsWelcome to our Harrogate Investigations post.  Lateo Surveillance Ltd carries out Private Investigations across North Yorkshire and the North East of England, our Private Investigator Harrogate office is located in Ripley just outside of Harrogate with our head office situated in Durham.  We have been helping private, commercial and legal clients in the area since 2011.

Theft in the Workplace

Lateo Surveillance Ltd have recently carried out a commercial investigation relating to theft in the workplace for a local Harrogate business.  After being contacted through our website we met with the company owner and the HR manager who explained their problem and its complexities as to why they suspected the theft was being carried out.

The business owner had initially wanted the HR manager to interview the suspects, however with the lack of any real evidence the HR manager suggested they call in a local private investigator in an attempt to obtain proof.  We were able to listen and understand the problems and frustrations faced by the company who felt overwhelmed with the complexities of the data protection act and employment law regulations.

Very quickly Lateo Surveillance were able to come up with a proposal and several courses of action which were welcomed.  At Lateo Surveillance we are in a unique position; we do not need to sub-contact our investigations to other companies who simply do not or cannot conduct professional surveillance investigations.

The Plan…

Private Investigator Harrogate InvestigationsCovert Cameras

Our plan involved installing technical covert cameras these were fitted ‘after hours’ in accordance with the data protection act 1998 and it’s covert monitoring of employee guidelines.

The covert cameras obtained some excellent covert video footage and confirmed their suspicions that theft in the workplace was being carried out by one of the few trusted members of staff.  This was sadly identified within hours of them arriving in the office. Although, not great sums of money were involved the theft was clearly observed.

Once the agreed time period for monitoring arrived a review was conducted and the covert cameras was extracted.

 Covert Vehicle Tracking

“Is it Legal” is the first question the majority of business owners ask us – Yes 100% providing certain criteria’s are met.Private Investigator Harrogate Investigations

Linked to the commercial investigation we had deployed a tracker onto the company car, covert vehicle tracking is an excellent way to establish a ‘pattern of life’ over a set period.  The initial plan was a set period of 2 weeks, this normally gives us a good understanding of where the vehicle is frequenting, when and for how long. As Harrogate and the majority of North Yorkshire is a semi-rural location trackers are an excellent way to keep a close eye on a vehicle’s movements and much cheaper than deploying a full surveillance team.  The vast majority of our Harrogate Investigations benefit from the use of covert trackers.


The evidence we obtained from the covert cameras clearly identified theft within the workplace. The covert vehicle tracking data identified the main suspect of the investigation although not caught on covert camera was ‘in fact’ conducting activities during work time which, they were not reporting and in contravention of company policy. This allowed the company decision makers to initially review their own procedures in a controlled manner, prepare for the interview process whilst identifying areas of vulnerability within their workplace environment.  They carried out a detailed review, amend and update of their own company non-disclosure agreements.

Lateo Surveillance have carried Private Investigations across the whole Harrogate region including; Harrogate and its surrounding areas, York, Skipton, Ripley, Ripon, Richmond and Wetherby.

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