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At Private Investigator Lancashire we serve the locations: Accrington‎, Barnoldswick‎, Blackburn‎, Blackpool‎, Clitheroe‎, Colne‎, Darwen‎, Fleetwood‎, Lancaster‎, Leyland, Lancashire‎, Lytham, St Annes‎ , Morecambe‎, Nelson, Lancashire‎, Ormskirk‎, Skelmersdale‎.

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Private Investigator Lancashire is Lateo Surveillance Ltd a leading Private Investigation and Commercial Surveillance Company.

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Lateo Surveillance investigators are qualified and experienced.  The principal Investigator of Lateo Surveillance is a full member of The Association of British Investigator the only private investigation body endorsed by the Law Society of England and Wales. Unlike many of our ‘online competitors’ who only do business over the phone for so called data protection and security reasons we can meet you to discuss your case if required at no cost.

Lateo Surveillance Ltd investigations are compliant with the following;

Private Investigator Lancashire Services 

Anti Social behaviour seems to be a growing phenomenon in many neighborhoods in the UK and can affect not only homeowners but also businesses. The catalyst for this behaviour is often quite minor, neighbours falling out over car parking, or each other’s children but disputes can grow quite quickly and become full blown family feuds before you know it. Whatever the cause, living with such behaviour when it is waged against you can destroy marriages and break families up. If it is your business that is being affected by this behaviour, maybe by the presence of unruly teenagers who are putting off your customers but regardless we can assist you in an investigation that build evidence that can then be submitted to the Police and help you solve the issues that you have. You do not have to live with this problem.

Suspecting fraud or wrongdoing in the workplace can be an unpleasant experience but it is an issue that as a business owner or senior manager you should be looking to tackle. The knockon effect of not having these issues dealt with could be catastrophic for your business. Imagine that you have a fellow Director that is taking in business but invoicing for it through his own company? It happens! Or you have a group of persistent employees who are have a lot more than average sick days. How good is that for the morale of others who have to pick up the shortfall? There will be others who continually have accidents and try to claim against the business. None of these activities are good for the bottom line and if this suffers then the business and the employees will also suffer. These issues can and should be tackled and they can be tackled effectively and lawfully by a professional investigations company. Business owners should read our commercial investigation page and read the following post, Can I monitor my Staff?

We offer an extremely effective vehicle tracking package for individuals and businesses. Many have suspicions about where a vehicle is or how long it has been there but you cannot always act on suspicion alone, you need proof. Our technical service is beyond reproach and can give you the confidence that you need to take further action and bring to an end your suspicions.

More and more relationships seem to be ending prematurely, no-one wants this but the reality is that it happens and when it does it can be a difficult experience. Perhaps you suspect but you do not actually know that infidelity is taking place. We can help confirm this for you. This could be important when you come to the financial agreement that will need to be reached so that you can have a legal parting.

We offer a very competitive no trace no fee background tracing service. This means that if we are unsuccessful in finding the person that you seek within a set time frame then we will not charge you! We have traced lost family members, former partners, school friends and debtors for a huge variety of people and businesses. All you need to do is give us a valid reason for the search and prove your identity and we can commence this for you.

How worried would you be if you thought that someone was watching you? You may at times suspect this but how do you confirm that it is actually happening? We can work with you to establish if this is happening or not. This can put your mind at rest or provide you with the evidence to escalate a complaint to the authorities. Our counter surveillance team offer an excellent service throughout the Lancashire region, Nationwide and Internationally.  We will confirm if you have been placed under surveillance.

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Private Investigator Lancashire

The principal Investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of The Association of British Investigators. Thank you for visiting our Private Investigator Lancashire page.



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