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Our Private Investigation Northumberland service covers the following areas: Alnwick, Beal, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Corbridge, Hexham, Lindersfarne, Morpeth.

Who are we?

Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a leading Private Investigation and Commercial Surveillance Company locate in Durham and Harrogate North Yorkshire.  We serve our Private Clients across the North East and our Commercial Clients across the UK and internationally.

Where we?

We are located in Co Durham (just off the A1 and A690) and Harrogate North Yorkshire (just off the A61) see our contact page for more information and addresses.  If you wish to visit us please arrange an appointment in advance.

Why come to us?

If you want complete customer confidence in an unregulated, unlicensed industry where ANYONE (untrained, unqualified, inexperienced and with a criminal record) can set up an investigation company overnight.  Look no further.

Many of our competitor are ‘online’ agents who advertise they are local when they are not.  These con men & women will ‘farm out’ your case via online groups where there is no control measures to protect your personal or sensitive information.

We are qualified, experienced investigators who work to an ethical company policy.

We can meet you in person if you wish for a completely free no pressure, no obligation consultation.

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Private Investigator Northumberland Services:


Anti Social Investigation
Anti social behaviour is an increasing problem for many people. Small incidents can quickly develop to the stage where your home life becomes intolerable. In the past, people have been intimidated to the point where they have had to move home’s in order to get away from the problem. This can have a huge knock-on effect in relationships and can often lead to a breakdown of that relationship. We have dealt with situations such as this and worked with our clients to provide them with a solution.  We can deploy specialist teams and/or equipment to help you gain the evidence that you need to remove or reduce the impact that neighbours or bored youths are having on your life.  You may have contacted the Police but they have been unable to assist or may even have made the matter worse. Are you suffering from intimidation and harassment around your home or business?


Commercial Investigation
You work hard to establish a business or have a prominent management position within a business and can see it being torn apart by a small handful of employees but do not know what can be done about. Problems within a business can quickly affect morale which in turn can affect production which of course leads to reduced profit margins. Can you stand by and watch this happen but do nothing?  Our commercial investigation team are experienced, qualified investigators with a raft of solutions that can help bring these issues to a satisfactory conclusion for you. We have investigated director and employee fraud, including; theft, absenteeism and serious misconduct. Business owners should see our commercial investigation page and read the following post, Can I monitor my Staff?


Covert Vehicle Tracking
You could be a business or a private individual but you may have the same problem…not knowing where a vehicle is or has been can have a negative impact on you, your relationship, the business or perhaps all 3! Do you need to know where a vehicle has been? Did it stop anywhere? How long was it were at a location? What frequency does it visit this location? Is this one of your business competitors or perhaps you suspect infidelity? Covert vehicle tracking can be the answer. It can help you establish the truth and can be very cost effective.


Counter Surveillance
Can you imagine thinking that you are being watched? How unnerving would this be for you, your family or your business associates? We can help confirm that you are being watched and by whom and assist you with a plan to ensure your safety going forward.

Northumberland has seen the largest rise in reported stalking cases throughout the UK in 2015

Our counter surveillance team offer an excellent service throughout Northumberland, the North East, Nationwide and Internationally. We will confirm if someone is watching you in a physical or technical capacity.


Matrimonial Investigation
If you suspect infidelity then it is most likely happening. Instincts are not often wrong but how do you confirm what you suspect? We have conducted many matrimonial investigations, we are discreet and will help you find the truth so that you can move on with your life. If you are getting a divorce or separation then there will be a financial settlement and it is crucial that you have evidence to help you get what you deserve with the facts to back up what you have always suspected.  We have helped identified infidelity on countless occasions and so so with the utmost discretion.


Proof of Cohabitation

Have you separated from a partner? Initially, it was amicable but you have been told that your former partner is now living with someone else but they have not informed you of their change of circumstance. This directly affects your financial contribution and more importantly the situation with your children.  We can help you establish if someone is or is not living in a property with your former partner and your children?  Our Proof of Cohabitation Service will give you the answers.


Tracing & Background Checks
We offer a no find no fee service in the first instance when taking on this service. You may be looking for a family member, a former lover, an old friend or maybe a debtor from a previous business? All we require to progress an investigation of this sort is a valid reason and proof of identity. With a no find no fee offer in place, what have you got to worry about?

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Private Investigator Northumberland

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