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Welcome to our Private Investigator Scotland page.

At Private Investigator Scotland we serve the following locations: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth and Stirling.

Who are we?

Private Investigator Scotland is Lateo Surveillance Ltd we are a leading Private Investigation and Commercial Surveillance Company.

We offer a wide range of discreet investigation services to our private and commercial clients across Scotland and the border regions.

Why come to us?

The Private Investigation industry is completely unregulated.  Anyone, untrained, unqualified and holding a criminal record can set up overnight and trade as ‘Scotland’s Premier Investigator’

The principal Investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a Full Member of the Association of British Investigators, the only private investigation body endorsed by the Law Society of England & Wales.  Its members cannot join if they hold any form of criminal convictions.

In an unregulated industry can you afford to take the risk?

We are not ‘online’ middlemen who only do business over the phone but real, qualified and experienced investigators solving real problems.  We will not farm out your case to unknown, unqualified agents on insecure online forum groups.

If you require a completely free no pressure, no obligation consultation contact us.

Lateo Surveillance Ltd investigations are compliant with the following;

Private Investigator Scotland Services


You’ve worked hard and now have a lovely family home but a small neighbourly dispute has escalated to the point where home life is becoming intolerable and relations within the home are beginning to breakdown. It is amazing how a small disagreement over car parking for example can escalate so dramatically but it happens. You then become the subject of abuse, threatening behaviour and in some cases assault. You’ve spoken with the authorities but they are unwilling or unable to help. We have worked on many such tasks and can provide you with the means to not only protect your property but also capture incidents taking place so that case can be built against these people. It is not always homeowners who suffer from anti social behaviour, businesses can also suffer. For example, you have gangs of teenage children harassing your customers as they attempt to enter your premises or perhaps they are spraying vial graffiti on your wall? All of this can have a negative impact but it can be dealt with by a professional investigations company.


Years of hard work and sacrifice can be lost in the shortest time when in business; it is heartbreaking though when it is those that you have helped that are partially responsible for your downfall. We have taken on many investigations over the years by business owners or senior managers who suspect but cannot prove that their fellow Directors and employees are indeed committing fraud within the business, this could be; theft, absenteeism, serious misconduct issues, fraudulent claims and more. You do not have to tolerate this, not at all. Issues such as this can be investigated both ethically and legally and we can assist you with such investigations. Business owners should read our commercial investigation page and read the following post, Can I monitor my Staff?


Covert vehicle tracking can be a cost effective solutions for businesses and private individuals alike. Although nothing replaces an investigator on the ground to see and report what has gone on a tracking device can help confirm initial suspicions before committing additional funds to an investigation. One vehicle or a small fleet can be covered.


Not everyone will require the help of a Private Investigator when they separate from a partner but some will. It may be that you require while you are still in a relationship if you have suspicions of infidelity, we may be able to confirm what you suspect; in most cases your instincts will be correct but often it is a piece of video or a photograph that you need in order to confirm matters. This can be used in a divorce case, especially when a financial settlement is on the cards. We have a variety of services that you may wish to utilise when going through a separation of this sort.


Have you lost touch with a loved one? A family member or a former partner, maybe an old friend from school? People ‘rarely’ disappear, some may be more difficult to find than others but most people can be found. We offer a no find no fee so you absolutely nothing to lose by engaging us.


Counter Surveillance, like many activities within our industry should not be carried out by novices so do be careful who you ask to do this task on your behalf. It must be an awful feeling to think that you are being followed and not know how to identify who it is and establish why? Our counter surveillance team offer an excellent service throughout Scotland, Nationwide and Internationally.  We will confirm if you have been placed under surveillance.

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The principal Investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of The Association of British Investigators. Thank you for visiting our Private Investigator Scotland page.



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