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Private Investigator Tyne and Wear

Private Investigator Tyne and Wear

Welcome to our Private Investigator Tyne and Wear page.

Private Investigator Tyne and Wear serve the following areas; Gateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside, South Tyneside

Who are we?

Private Investigator Tyne and Wear is Lateo Surveillance Ltd we are a leading Private Investigation and Commercial Surveillance Company serving our private clients throughout the North East and our commercial clients across the UK.

Where are we?

Lateo Surveillance is located in Durham (Belmont Business Park) just off the A1 and A690 and Harrogate North Yorkshire (Oakwood Park Business Centre) just off the A61 see our contact page for more details.

Why come to us?

We are real, qualified, experienced investigators, located in the North East.  Unlike many of our ‘online competitors’ who advertise they are local however will only do business over the phone for so called data protection and security reasons.

We can meet in person if you wish discuss your case at no cost.

Lateo Surveillance Ltd investigations are compliant with the following;

Private Investigator Tyne and Wear Services:


Anti Social Investigation
Is your relationship suffering as a result of your neighbours? Is someone making your home life a misery? People often fallout over cars, kids and noise and sometimes it is difficult to find a way to resolve the situation. We have conducted many anti social investigations along these lines and have been able to provide our clients with evidence that has then been used to provide a solution for them. In the past our qualified technicians have been able to fit covert cameras to confirm anti social behaviour, intimidation and harassment for both private and commercial clients. You do not need to put up with this, we can speak with you and offer advice on how to solve your issues.


Commercial Investigation
Business owners and senior managers are often exasperated by the actions of some of their employees. It is almost like they want the business to fail. All too frequent sick days not only affect production but it also has an impact on morale as other employees will know what is going on. Episodes such as this have a knock on effect on a business and then everyone suffers!  We are experienced and qualified commercial investigators. We have investigated director and employee fraud, including; theft, absenteeism and serious misconduct for many years. Business owners, take a look at our commercial investigation page and read the following post, Can I monitor my Staff? The answer is simple… yes you can!


Covert Vehicle Tracking
Covert vehicle tracking can provide you as an individual or a business person with the knowledge you need in a situation where you are just ‘not sure’ what is going on. Do you need to know where a vehicle has been visiting and for how long they were at those locations? What frequency are they being visited? Covert vehicle tracking can help you ascertain the truth and provide a way forward for you or your business.


Matrimonial Investigation
Marriages and relationships fail, no-one wants this to happen but it does and when it does you may require the services of an investigator to help you establish the truth. Knowing the truth can have a huge influence on the financial settlement and more importantly, if there are children involved, can help decide what is in their best interests. We have conducted numerous matrimonial investigations, we are discreet and will help you establish the truth.


Tracing & Background Checks
Generally speaking, people do not disappear. They may be harder to locate but rarely do they completely disappear.  Are you trying to locate someone? Perhaps a member of the family, an old school friend or maybe a debtor from a business relationship who has gone to ground? In order to commence an investigation of this type all we ask for is a valid reason for your enquiry and that you must prove your identity. In the first instance, all checks are on a no find no fee basis, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.


Counter Surveillance
Is someone watching you?  This is one of the most intimidating circumstances that you could find yourself in. Does someone know more than they should regarding your whereabouts? Do you want to confirm you are being observed? We can help establish if this is the case using our proven protocols and procedures. An investigation such as this would be very low key, you would not draw attention to yourself but we would be able to identify if you are at risk.

Our counter surveillance team offer an excellent service throughout Tyne and Wear, the North East, Nationwide and Internationally. We will confirm if you have been placed under surveillance.

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Private Investigator Tyne and Wear

The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of The Association of British Investigators. Thank you for visiting our Private Investigator Tyne and Wear page.



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