Protective Surveillance

Protective SurveillanceProtective Surveillance

Protective Surveillance provides a discreet protection service for those who may face the real threat of criminal activity, harassment or intimidation against them, but wish to continue a normal lifestyle without overt protection teams.

Protective Surveillance can be used to protect vulnerable children in a non intrusive manner allowing them freedom of movement without them feeling suffocated.


Threats can range from criminal activity, bullying, harassment, stalking, racism attacks to blackmail and kidnapping.  Threats from legitimate activities carried out by the press or Independent freelancers may also pose a significant problem that you do not wish to contend with.

Traditional Close Protection (CP) can and does draw attention, this can be the main intention of some clients. There are however many who do not wish to draw any attention to themselves or their family whatsoever, protective surveillance is a real solution.  This is a very sensible approach and can offer a professional cost effective solution to facilitate.

Lateo Surveillance can providing a discreet ‘watchful eye’ over your asset, ready to react if the needed without drawing attention to them or cramping their style.

How we can help

We can provide a discreet highly experienced individual or team to give you, your family or asset the confidence to relax and allow them complete freedom of movement with the assurance their well-being is under controlled observation.  Our team will protect you, your family or your asset by conducting protective surveillance yet always in position to react if the situation arrises.

Protective Surveillance allows a much better opportunity to read the environment and asses the atmospherics.  Conducting effective Counter Surveillance measures will very quickly identify any potential risks.  Our protective surveillance officers are not only trained and qualified surveillance operators but also trained and SIA qualified Close Protection officers this means they fully understand the make up, composition and tactics used by hostile surveillance including how members of the press operate.

Real Benefits

  1. Lateo conduct detailed threat assessments to produce comprehensive cost effective solutions.
  2. We employ male and female protective surveillance officers who can operate discreetly in accordance with the political, cultural or religious environment the client requires.
  3. All operators are Qualified and experienced.
  4. All our protective surveillance operators are qualified and experienced SIA Close Protection officers.
  5. All our operators are CRB checked.

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Protective Surveillance

The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a full member of The Association of British Investigators.



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