Resettlement Realities

Resettlement Realities can be a harsh and costly lesson for those who fail to prepare. After several articles in quest magazine I was inundated with calls and emails asking for advice on how best to get into the industry.  From the outset I would like to say I have beenResettlement Realities very disappointed with the level of training provided by some (but not all) training providers, hence the need for some planning and preparation

Example 1

I received a phone call from an Ex SNCO who I had met briefly whilst on operations. He stated he had just completed his BTEC Level 3 in Surveillance & Close Protection, I asked if he could talk me through a ‘plot up and stand by’ so that I was happy with his very basic understanding and voice procedure and tactics.  He stated all his surveillance training had taken place by powerpoint, the provider had stated their surveillance van had just been stolen with all their ‘gear’ so they couldn’t see any point going out on the ground.

Example 2

After spending over £2000 on a surveillance BTEC Level 3 or 4 course you would think the training provider would be offering ‘free’ and ‘sound’ advice about the industry. Think again! I have received countless calls and emails from guys and girls who are desperately trying to get into the industry but have no idea where to start or a credible network.  All of the guys asking the same thing “How the hell do I find work?” The industry is hard enough when you have contacts, trying to make it on your own is huge task.

Some providers have even had the cheek to invite their students back after they have paid out an awful a lot of money on their training to a ‘how to get into the industry’ one day course, oh and they will ‘polish’ your CV… But yes you guessed it… at more cost!

Ensure you do your homework!

The same questions time and time again keep cropping up so here are the first two…

Q1: How do I find work once I am qualified?

A1: You need a credible NETWORK!  I call it ‘After Support or Post Course Support’ this is vital if you want to succeed in the business, the chances of you finding work on your own are slim.   There are very few providers out there who offer a GENUINE support and a credible Network.  The network should be one which shares information freely, offers SME advice and support around the clock, helps with equipment and technical issues you will come across but most importantly WORK.  I have had and shared many jobs within the unique network I have been lucky enough to be part of.

Q2: How do I become self-employed?

A2: The CTP offer a business start up course which I attended and found to be excellent, better still, it was free! However speak to the training provider BEFORE you do the course and ask if advice on getting into the industry which includes self-employment is covered.  If the comment ‘We are only here to train you’ is used, find another provider! Those trainers that are more than happy to accept your ELC should be helping you.

Top Tip

*BEWARE of any provider who promises work providing you do their course… I have been sent many CV’s from seriously angry guys to prove this is not the case!

Ask for their offer in writing and see what their response is!

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Resettlement Realities

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