Rural CROP Operators

Rural CROP Operators at Lateo Surveillance are highly trained professionals.  Rural or CROP Surveillance is normally carried out within the rural environment, but not in all cases. Our Operators are selected for their tenacity, intelligence and ability to get the job done in a professional manner.   

Rural CROP Operators

Lateo Surveillance Ltd provide rural surveillance to an extremely high level

Who is Lateo Surveillance Ltd?

Lateo Surveillance Ltd is an experienced Private Investigation and Commercial Surveillance Company, who specialises in Rural CROP Surveillance Investigations.

Trained and Qualified Operators

Every Lateo Surveillance Rural CROP Operator deploying on dedicated pre planned rural CROP tasks are both physically and mentally robust having undergone many months of unique intensive military training and an arduous Military selection process. Lateo Surveillance rural operators hold the qualification ‘Special Observer‘ attained only after an arduous 21 week selection course designed and headed by UK Special Forces.


We have carried out many operational high risk rural observation posts in all environments. Our skills have been transferred to the commercial sector with outstanding results, operating against capable and surveillance aware targets.

There are many who claim to be experts within this field, many of them ex military or police however the reality is within the Military and Police this is a very niche and specialised role.

There is much more to it than just ‘sitting in a bush’ as we have been informed within the commercial sector. A good observation post needs to be planned and lots of factors taken into consideration in order to achieve your aim and not be compromised.


Standard commercially available equipment is simply not up to standard. Our equipment is professional, we can obtain long range video and still images, giving us the edge over our competition and our clients get the results they deserve.  See our Technology Page here.

We have the ability to operate and obtain photography and video footage by day and night!

Case Study 02

Note: All Investigations conducted by Lateo Surveillance Ltd are carried out strictly in accordance with UK Law and the Data Protection Act 1998. Names, places and tactics used in case studies will not be identified.


A local council was suffering major fly tipping within the rural environment.  Members of the environment agency had deployed covert cameras in an attempt to catch the individuals responsible however these were not effective and the tipping continued.

Reason for Investigation

Items dumped included dangerous chemicals, which would have a major environmental impact should they enter the water table or local rivers. The clean up cost alone was running into the tens of thousands.

Pre–Surveillance Investigation

(Phase 1)

Rural CROP planning was conducted.  This involved detailed map and invisibility studies, briefs from local officials and detailed reconnaissance over a period of several visits to assess the Observation Post (OP) siting principles.

The Surveillance Investigation

(Phase 2)

Our Rural CROP Operators deployed into their respective observation posts.  Operators were fitted with covert communications and improvised dipole antennas so able to communicate to the anchor observation post. The anchor observations posts role was to give early warning of any suspicious vehicles, and video using high powered optics.  Our Rural CROP Operators used highgrade video with the latest Night Vision technology.

Day three – The suspicious vehicle was observed and videoed by the anchor observation post and an early warning was given the the target OP. Just before entering the site location the vehicle stopped and its occupants covered the number plates with black bin bags.

The target OP was covertly located very close to the site, the flytippers were videod getting out wearing baseball caps and buffs covering their faces.  They were observed checking for cameras, they were heard laughing and stating “those muppets will never catch us” the names of both individuals were also heard.

Numerous items were dumped including containers of chemicals (All captured on video).

The vehicle was observed leaving the area and again stopping to remove the black bags covering the vehicles registration plate.

Post Surveillance Investigation

(Phase 3)

During the post investigation reports were compiled and video evidence reviewed to reveal the anchor observation post had captured the vehicle registration number. The target OP had captured the face of one individual after the buff covering their face had fallen down several times.


An evidence pack was produced and presented to the client who passed it directly to the police who is dealing with the matter. We are very confident a prosecution will follow.

If there is a result to be had, our Rural CROP Operators we will get it!

How can Lateo Surveillance Help?

Lateo Surveillance can provide;

  • Evidential grade video footage which can be used in court
  • Written reports
  • Data Protection compliant investigations
  • Ethical investigations and strictly within the rule of Law

Our Rural CROP Investigations are compliant with the following;

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • The Association of British Insures
  • The Association of British Investigators (Full Member)
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Human Rights Act 1998

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Rural CROP Operators

The principal investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a Full member of The Association of British Investigators