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Keeping our clients safe in an 'unregulated' industry; delivering a unique, reliable service.

Lateo Surveillance Ltd is an experienced commercial investigation company working on behalf of its clients delivering pragmatic solutions.

Investigating business & workplace theft, fraud and serious malpractice, including serious breaches of health & safety.

Offering a wide range of services to compliment our specialist core function, obtaining covert video footage.

Giving our commercial clients complete confidence

Commercial ClientsLateo Surveillance Ltd specialise in covert commercial investigations.

Working closely with our Commercial Clients business owners, company directors and senior managers delivering cost effective solutions.

In order to keep you safe in an ‘unregulated‘ industry Lateo Surveillance employ a unique 3 step approach to all its investigations;

Compliance | Professionalism | Service

Find out more about our CPS and the benefits here

Lateo Surveillance monitor legislation which affects our Commercial Clients within the investigation sector on a regular basis. Lateo’s CPS approach has identified this as best practice in order to achieve customer confidence.  In line with its compliance process Lateo has close links to the Information Commissioners Office and are updated when new legislation is due to be implemented. A complex area identified was employment law which can change on a daily basis and affect your responsibilities relating to monitoring. Lateo works closely with one of the UK’s top employment law and health & safety specialists who can offer free ‘up to date’ advice and guidance giving you complete confidence should it be required.

Assisting Commercial Clients – Human Resources

Lateo provides a coordinated surveillance and checking service to our Commercial Clients that allows us to investigate cases of serious misconduct such as theft, fraud, misappropriation of funds to absenteeism, including; serious breaches of health & safety by employees. Lateo’s discreet service has saved its clients thousands of pounds.

On Average, £1,681,000,000 is stolen or fraudulently claimed by employees each year. When dealing direct with companies over employee matters we generally work direct with a dedicated HR representative within the company or their HR service provider. We work with them to develop a strategy relevant to the issue being investigated. This includes unauthorised absence from work, employees with second jobs and accident claims, to name but a few.

In the UK over 33% of all losses suffered by businesses is through its employees, impacting on the profitability of the business.

Investigating Workplace Fraud

Lateo provide a fully integrated service that will allow businesses to investigate Employees and Directors suspected of fraudulent activity, this could be financial, misappropriation of businesses resources, or using data and knowledge to sell to competitors. See our news posts for updated articles relating to employee workplace fraud investigation.

Director fraud is a very serious issue and often goes undetected and is more likely to bring down a business than any other fraudulent activity. This crime is significant; generally, the perpetrator easily deflects the issues or questions with ease, blaming others for their dishonest activity. Lateo’s initiative approach has uncovered many successful cases of fraudulent activity.

Assisting – Housing associations & Facilities Management

Lateo has assisted housing associations to identify theft from vacant properties (where a tenant leaves or has died) This service targeted, staff that needed to enter the property to carry out work (turning off utilities, make secure, or deter break-ins. Several trusted members of staff were quickly identified as the perpetrators, this allowed the company to immediately (with confidence) suspend the individuals from their positions of trust because they had access to the vulnerable and elderly.

For facilities management service providers we can track stock and materials to their final destination and to establish if these are being used appropriately for the work to be carried out. £246,000,000 is the amount fraudulently claimed by suppliers each year.

Assisting – Local Councils

Lateo Surveillance has assisted its Commercial Clients within local councils when it became evident the perpetrators of an alleged fly tipping and toxic substance burning crime gang had ‘outsmarted’ their plans.  Lateo Surveillance was able to establish a long range rural observation post to monitor the area of interest in compliance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.  It quickly became apparent the perpetrators were conducting sweeps for covert cameras and observation posts before they carried out the illegal activity. Lateo Surveillance was able to secure vital video evidence and subsequent night photography of the crime scene.

In the UK 2014-15 there were nearly 900 thousand cases of fly tipping, costing a staggering 50 Million of taxpayers money to clean up. Find out more from the Department for Environment & Rural Affairs

Data Protection Compliance

Commercial Clients within the UK are bound by the DPA, if you instruct a private investigator your business will assume the role of Data Controller.  As a data controller you must ensure you carry out due diligence checks prior to instructing (and) monitor them throughout the investigation.  You must also confirm they comply with your processing instructions, failure to adhere could result in fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office

Before you instruct an investigator read this news post Commercial Surveillance in Business where you will find a list of points to consider and questions to ask.


Data Protection Compliant

Lateo Surveillance intimately understands its responsibilities and will ensure you are not only advised correctly, so you remain compliant throughout and post-investigation but receive assurances on paper as recommended by the ICO.

We will provide:

Not ‘middlemen’

Lateo will not subcontract your investigation to unknown companies, this means your private & confidential information is safe.

Cost Effective

Lateo can provide very competitive prices because it conducts its own investigations. We guarantee our prices are checked regularly and are extremely competitive in price and service.

Working closely with employment law specialists

There have been many occasions when the results of an investigation into serious misconduct have been passed to a business owner who has been tempted to immediately sack the individual on the spot.  Lateo offers you access to a completely free employment law helpline, available 24 hrs.  This service offers free legal advice and guidance within this specialist area giving you the confidence you are doing the right thing at the right time.

More information 

We have carried out commercial investigations in order to confirm:

Theft > General Fraud > Director Fraud > Misappropriation of Funds > Gross Misconduct > Serious Breaches of Health & Safety > Absenteeism > Misuse of Company Vehicles & Fuel > Bullying & Harassment > Anti Social Behavior > Personal Injury Fraud > Income Protection Fraud

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Commercial Clients

Principle Investigator of Lateo Surveillance Ltd is a Full member of The Association of British Investigators

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Detailed risk assessments have been; conducted by experienced health and safety (H&S) trained personnel and are continually, reviewed.  Due to our experience we understand the importance of H&S taking it seriously and do not see it as a paperwork exercise.

Lateo Surveillance can offer discreet professional advice and guidance, generally formulating several courses of action for you to consider whilst always being assured of complete confidentiality and discretion.


Our Technology

Lateo have invested heavily in its technical equipment, with access to cutting edge & state of the art gear, we have the edge!

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