Tracing Background Check

Tracing Background CheckTracing Background Check

Carrying out a Tracing Background Check involves searching a vast legal database available to our Private Investigation company.  Along with specialised databases we use open source, search techniques and some ‘old fashioned’ detective work.

Do you need to locate a debtor?

Are there family members you need to find?

Are you about to enter into a business venture with a new partner?

Have you established a relationship with an individual over the World Wide Web, possibly through a dating or social media site and wish to take it one step further but need to know, they are who they say they are?

Sadly, many unsuspecting victims have not only lost thousands of pounds to scams and fraudsters but have been hurt emotionally; something you cannot put a price on.  The vast majority of cases could have easily and discreetly been detected for a very small fee.

Before you take that all important first step, you may wish to protect yourself or your assets and consider conducting a background check to have the confidence knowing ‘they are who they say they are’

We have conducted Trace Background Checks Risk to Private Clientsrelating to:

Locate Debtors | Business partners | Dating sites both male & female | Long lost friends | Family members.

Please Note: We will require a valid reason prior to the Trace Background Check being carried out.


Basic Trace – £150 + vat

You will receive if available:PNG

  • Current address.
  • Any occupants registered at the address.
  • How long they have been registered at the address.

Advanced Trace £200 + vat

You will receive if available:

  • Current address.
  • Any occupants registered at the address.
  • How long they have been registered at the address.
  • Previous address information.
  • Telephone information.
  • Email information.
  • Social Media Information.

Please note: There are rare circumstances where individuals are not traceable.  This information will only come to light after the research has been carried out, no refunds will be given however a full report will accompany a negative result.

What information do we need?



Essential – Full Name

Essential – Previous Address or DOB



Additional Information:

As much information as possible will increase the chances of a successful Trace Background Check.

  • Locations or even areas where the subject lives.
  • The name of someone else they may have lived with.
  • Telephone numbers.
  • Email addresses.
  • Company details they own(ed) or worked for.
  • Were (or) are they still on any social media platforms.
  • Any professional memberships or trade bodies.
  • Brief description of the subject if known.

The more information we have, the better chance of a successful outcome!


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